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Types of Mulch 

These are the varieties of mulch that we sell and keep in stock at Glenn Lester Co.

Sold by the scoop onsite or by the yard for delivery. 

Hardwood Shredded Mulch.JPG

Hardwood Shredded Mulch

The Classic Organic Choice

Dyed Dark Walnut

Our #1 Best Seller

This variety of dyed mulch will really hold it's vibrant color and accentuates all house colors and styles. 

Dark Walnut Mulch (2).JPG
Chestnut Mulch.JPG

Dyed Chestnut

Red Mulch

Dyed Black Mulch

Black Mulch.JPG
Regular Pine Mulch.JPG

Regular Pine Mulch

"Fine" Pine Mulch

So light and feathery you'll

need a shovel to move it. 

Fine Pine Mulch.JPG
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